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  Solutions for your plant supply needs . . 

Aspley Nursery is a wholesale Nursery to the north of Brisbane that supplies plants to the landscape industry. We can supply plants from our large range of production stock or grow plants for a specific project. We can design projects to DA standards and assist in making your project run efficiently. 

The  nursery has been owned and operated  by the Percy Family since 1951. In 2008 Sid Percy was recognised as The Nurseryman of the Year and in 2013 Robert and Noel Percy were recognised as Joint Nurseryman of the Year for 2013 This unique award given to two generations of nurseryman managing Aspley Nursery indicates our commitment to quality and service. Our retail nursery when operating was awarded Retail Nursery of the Year twice.

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Please note we will be closed for Christmas Break from 1pm Thursday 23rd of December 2021 and reopening 7:30am on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022.

Metrisideros Little dugald Syzygium Narrowleaf

We offer a range of solutions that can help you with the plant supply to your projects, I have listed some of these below . Our web page is designed for simplicity of use and is a useful source of information on plant species available  and their habits.

Our current availability page is updated with available stock on a monthly basis we also attach current photos to selected stock each month.

Plant descriptions is where we give you the information on much of the stock we sell, once on the page you can select stock that you on which you require more information.


Pricing a project? We can provide a quote based on plants, pot size and delivery date that will give you all of the information you need for a tender or your own project. We will highlight possible issues and offer solutions before they become last minute problems We can also offer solutions for tight budgets as well.





Once you place your order, it will be processed, problems resolved and stock will arrive on time - to specification Ė no last minute changes to cause problems.

Aspley Nursery is a licensed grower for a selected range of plants from Ozbreed, available plants will appear on our current list. More information on specific Ozbreed plants are available at

Nursery Bushouse


We deliver in our own trucks so we control the delivery time and ensure that your stock is delivered on time and in good condition. All of our trucks are Pantecs with tuck away loaders so that delivery is quick and the plants are protected  If it is outside our delivery area we use transport companies that we know will do a quality job based on prior performance.


Aspley Nursery has a reputation forged over 57 years for the supply of quality product to the landscape industry. Not only will the stock look good on delivery, you know that the horticultural practices employed by us will ensure that trees have proper root systems to avoid girdling, and that plants will be true to species. We were in the first group of wholesale nurseries in Australia to be awarded NIASA standard and since then we have achieved EcoHort.


The more time you can give us to grow your plants the better price we can offer as we have the time to grow your product especially for your project. If you are a builder or developer, we are happy to be involved with your project from the beginning. While your project is reaching fruition the trees and plants for the project are being grown and cared for in our nursery. When the stock is required we deliver to site in our trucks and you know that all problems have been resolved well before delivery and there will be no last minute problems. 


PLANT SOURCING Aspley Nursery external

Part of the service we offer is to provide your total project by Aspley Nursery. If you need your plants NOW and we donít have some items required in our 7 hectares of nursery we can source product from reputable suppliers at a nominal cost so that all you see is our truck arriving at your door with the plants you need.

These are some of the reasons for buying your planting needs from Aspley Nursery. when you call us it is also nice to know you will be dealing with a sales staff that is customer focused, knowledgeable and happy to make your project run smoothly.

Please give our sales staff a call to discuss how Aspley Nursery can help you with a better plant supply solution.

Robert & Noel Percy

 Aspley Nursery