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This page gives further information on some of the plants that we have found to be popular and that may be useful in your landscape.

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GARDENS of a Nurseryman - Noel Percy

SYZYGIUM SILVER SCREEN PBR the best new variegated lillipilly


Crotons are one of the tropical shrubs that are a must in a tropical garden There are many different varieties that will introduce colour into the landscape. 

Croton Little Mia Croton Petra

Croton Little Mia has thin leaves with a predominantly yellow new growth with it fading to copper highlights as the leaf ages. It is one of the faster growing crotons.

Croton Petra is a slower growing croton with broad leaves with a green and yellow veined leaf that changes to green an red as it ages.

Codieum Mammy

croton mammy

Croton Mammy is one of the best of the crotons available as the leaf has a range of colours from red, yellow green and orange. It also has a leaf that curves creating an interesting textural highlight. It's tough and hardy and will grow in sun and part shade.


Cycas and Zamia

Cycas revoluta leaf cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta is one of the staples of a Queensland landscape, they do need some care to keep their lush green leave pristine. When the new leaf sheath appears it needs to get a quick spray of insecticide to deter moth damage once done the will harden as it grows older proving less prone to damage.
Zamia furfuracea Zamia furfuracealeaf
Zamia furfuracea is one of the extremely hardy plant plants that give a primeval look to the landscape yet are very hardy with minimal pest problems. It is happy in sun and shade and could be combined with Cordylines, Crotons, Heliconia for a simple tropical garden



Rhoeo (Tradescantia)

Enjoying extraordinary popularity due to their texture and colour Rhoeo also is one of the hardiest , drought tolerant plants that is available. Hawaiian Dwarf can be used as an edging plant, an groundcover highlight in a pot or planted in large drifts where other plants won't survive. Rhoeo discolour is the larger form that gives a heavier texture, and is suited to specimen planting. Keep them very dry after establishment and they won't look back.

rhoeo discolour hawian dwarf rhoeo spathacea rhoeo stripe me pink

Rhoeo discolour Hawaiian dwarf

Rhoeo discolour

Rhoeo Stripey Pink

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Dracaenas can be used in a variety of ways, they make excellent indoor and pot specimens and can be used in tropical gardens as a feature. They can also be used as dramatic feature plants.

Dracaena marginata Dracaena Colourama
Dracaena marginata 200mm Dracaena Colourama 200mm

Plumeria pudica

Plumeria or frangipani are one of the toughest plants available for a sub tropical garden. The most popular is Plumeria obtusa the "Evergreen Frangipani" with its deep green foliage and pure white flowers. Now there is an alternative Plumeria pudica. P. pudica is an evergreen frangipani with a distinct leaf shape and the same pure white flowers. It's hardy, drought tolerant and fast growing.  

plumeria pudica

plumeria pudica flower

Plumeria pudica 300mm

Plumeria pudica flower

Plumeria Pudica 

Plumeria pudica leaf hammer leaf

Plumeria pudica

The distinctive leaf of Plumeria pudica

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